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Junxion engaged nearly 300 stakeholders in the development of a new, far-reaching strategic plan for this renowned Leadership Learning Centre.

The Business Challenge

hollyhocklogoLocated on Cortes Island, off Canada’s west coast, and nestled against the shoreline amid nearly 50 acres of stunning rainforest, Hollyhock is a leadership learning centre that exists to inspire, nourish and support people making the world better. Hollyhock’s Board of Directors and senior staff were ready to explore and envision its next 10 years, a period that must see a global transition to new modes of leadership that embrace perennial wisdom practices, emotional intelligence and enlightened citizenship.

How We Helped

A Strategic Planning Committee struck by the Board and including Directors and the CEO engaged Junxion to guide and facilitate a year-long process leading to the new strategic plan. It was imperative we engage diverse stakeholders throughout the project, including staff, management and the Board of Directors; workshop, conference and other program attendees; instructors and facilitators; local community members, funders and partners in Hollyhock’s work. Through interviews, roundtable discussions, online surveys, and numerous workshops, we assembled a diverse range of perspectives, ideas and priorities, into five key priority areas: Programs & Learning, Outreach & Engagement, Stewardship & Culture, Campus & Infrastructure, and Measurement & Evaluation. The final plan was approved by Hollyhock’s Board of Directors and is now being used as a guide to staff activities. It’s a roadmap ‘Toward 2020’.

Measuring Success

At time of writing, it’s only weeks since the strategic plan was published, so it’s impossible to assess the project’s success in hard terms. However, feedback has been highly encouraging: “It’s the best plan we’ve ever had,” and “Junxion’s facilitation was remarkable.” We look forward to tracking progress on this project in the months and years ahead: Junxion’s Mike Rowlands is a Director at Hollyhock.

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