Natural Balance | Green living: next generation of home builders

Some deny it. Some fight for it. And some just choose to look the other way.

Climate change invokes extremes of emotions.

In a world which is bracing itself to face the effects of this phenomenon, many are doing all they can to mitigate its effects. They are choosing to live in green homes.

Green buildings follow environment friendly architecture to minimise the impact on nature by using energy efficiently, preserving natural resources and using natural building materials. This is accomplished by blending science, design, energy-efficient materials, construction techniques and renewable energy sources. It is a process, implemented from design stage to actual construction. Artificial lighting is replaced by natural light during the day by the means of huge windows, split ACs with central cooling maintain comfortable living while managing energy efficiency.

Green buildings are better insulated and thus need far less energy to maintain comfortable levels of temperature indoors. Water and solid waste are recycled on-site whereas eco-friendly building materials ensure cleaner air quality and safer spaces to live in. And all this while saving enormous amounts of energy.

Natural Balance Premium Home Builders, as the name suggests, is doing just this in Vancouver.

Founded by business partners Nick Kerchum and Galen Evans in 2009, Natural Balance specialises in modern, green and architectural homebuilding. They focus on premium homes that celebrate the best of Canada’s west coast, while showcasing innovative design approaches that integrate environmental systems and functional design.

Working closely with “enlightened homeowners and innovative architects,” Natural Balance is challenging the construction industry’s status quo, building sustainable, sophisticated living spaces.

Junxion worked with the Natural Balance team to define and reposition their young firm. ‘The next generation lives here’ has become the tagline and rallying cry for a company focused on shaking up a significant and established industry. We delivered:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Key Messaging
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design & Development
  • Collateral Design

I consider the entire project to be a great success and look forward to further developing our working relationship over the years to come. – Nick Kerchum, Partner, Natural Balance Premium Home Builders