Getting Started with Impact Measurement: Webinars

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Webinar: Common Foundations of Impact Measurement
Part 1 of 2: Clarify Information Needs

Next date TBD

Introduction to the five essential practices that describe how to do impact measurement well: Plan your change, Use performance measures, Collect useful information, Gauge your impact, and Report on results. This session focuses on how to clarify your information needs, and your key audiences’ information needs so that no effort is wasted collecting data nobody needs.

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Webinar: Common Foundations of Impact Measurement
Part 2 of 2: Collect and Use Information

Next date TBD

Introduction to the five essential practices that describe how to do impact measurement well: Plan your change, Use performance measures, Collect useful information, Gauge your impact, and Report on results. This session focuses on how to develop your capacity to collect and use information to gather evidence, increase the credibility of your findings, and share valuable insights about the difference you make.

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Webinar description

You can take control of the data you collect and how to communicate the value of your organization. As leaders of social purpose organizations it critical: 

  • to measure and monitor the things that will help your organization to flourish, AND
  • you must also communicate the progress you’re making towards your mission to funders and community members. 

Say goodbye to giant, unwieldy and one-off impact reporting projects that start collecting dust as soon as they land on funders’ desks. Likewise, you can do better than stretching whatever data is easily available into hasty charts and anecdotes that don’t really tell the story of the impact you have. 

In this pair of workshops, participants will learn how to:

  • Use the Demonstrating Value workbooks to help guide you to achieve the five essential practices for effective impact measurement (as described by the Common Approach to Impact Measurement)
  • Start an Information Map of goals, indicators, and data sources as a first step to a comprehensive evaluation plan.
  • Start a Data Development Plan that sets realistic priorities for data collection, management and analysis.
  • Start a Performance Snapshot to display key data points. 

Ideal participants are:

  • CEOs / Executive Directors and/or staff persons responsible for impact measurement, management and reporting, and/or communications in purpose-driven organizations.
  • Nonprofit funders who require social impact reports from their grantees.

Better still, 1. and 2. come as a pair—funder and funded organization together. Demonstrating Value was developed as the reporting tool used by grantees in Vancity Community Foundation’s very successful social enterprise portfolio program, and is popular with grantees and grantmakers alike because of the way it helps them have productive conversations about outcomes that matter.

No prior experience with evaluation is required, but you should be able to describe what you do and why it matters so that the theoretical “average person” could understand it. 

Participants must have an existing organization to be the subject of the workshop exercises. This is not a suitable workshop for a ‘pre-launch’ or ‘idea-stage’ endeavour. 

Participants who are inspired by these workshops may be interested in applying to the next round of Impact Measurement funding from Innoweave—up to $10,000 is available for social purpose organizations to advance their impact measurement practice. The next deadline for applications is April 15, 2021. 

About the presenter: 

Garth Yule is Managing Director at Junxion Strategy, an international consultancy that provides a range of impact strategy and communications for social purpose organizations. Junxion is a B Corp ‘Best for the World’ honoree, and member of Social Venture Circle and the Wellbeing Economy Alliance. Garth is: 

Demonstrating Value logoDemonstrating Value Resource Society is a non-profit with roots in the social enterprise community in BC. It helps organizations make impact measurement a vital piece of their day-to-day operations by taking on an appropriate and manageable amount of work according to their capacity and systems, and the information needs of their most important audiences. See  

The Common Approach to Impact Measurement is a leading impact measurement standard for social purpose organizations. It builds on great work by funders, researchers, and organizations in Canada’s social finance and social innovation ecosystem, connecting it to cutting-edge globally recognized research. See 

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  1. Jessica Fisher

    Hi Garth,
    I have registered for the two upcoming impact eval sessions, but I have a conflict during one. Will a recording be sent afterward in case I have to miss it when it’s happening live?


    1. Camilla Todd

      Hi Jessica,

      Great to hear and yes, there will be a recording shared around of both sessions so not to worry.

      See you there!

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