ForestEthics | Transformation Through Collaboration

In late 2004, environmental organisation ForestEthics launched a campaign to expose “Victoria’s Dirty Secret”—the use of virgin paper from boreal forests to produce the one million Victoria’s Secret catalogues that are mailed every day.

ForestEthics succeeded in getting the attention of parent company Limited Brands. It also won the company’s support, resulting in a collaboration that transformed Limited Brands’ paper procurement policies, and turned the company into an advocate for forest protection. With the help of ForestEthics, Limited Brands is now taking its story to its peers in the retail sector.

Its outreach efforts include “Transformation Through Collaboration”, a ten-minute video produced by Junxion that documents the evolution of this remarkable partnership.  The video was well received in its recent debut at a major retail conference in Dallas, Texas. ForestEthics is now using it to encourage other catalogue retailers to follow suit.