Emerge Stronger

Emerge Stronger

This is a year that arrived with such profound promise. The dawn of a new decade. An invitation to start a new chapter in our lives, in our enterprises, perhaps even in our world, as we entered ‘the decade of action’ on climate. Now, just months later, we’re navigating the profound challenge of COVID-19.

Many of us are confined to our homes. Many in our communities have lost their jobs or their businesses, and are challenged to put food on the table for their families, or to pay their rent. Still others are incredibly sick and frightened of this novel virus. And others still have succumbed and passed beyond this life….

Those of us that have the good fortune and capacity to be proactive in this ‘great pause’ are privileged, to be sure. And with great privilege comes great responsibility. What can we do today—what must we do—to recover, renew, and rebuild? And how might this moment be a turning point in our shared history? A turning toward sustainability? Justice? And prosperity for everyone?

Junxion exists to accelerate the shift to the next economy.

This is the bold aspiration we took up as our own purpose just two years ago. The pioneers of sustainability and the catalysts of social equity have done their work: they’ve catapulted these issues into the headlines and on to corporate agendas. But change has been slow to come…. Until now.

We could never have imagined the potential of a moment like this—the potential to reshape the way we work, to refresh our economy and the systems that support it, to renew the way we see our relationships with our beautiful world, with one another, even within ourselves.

Emerge Stronger is a call to brave up.

It’s time to embrace an ‘abundance mindset’ and ‘cathedral thinking.’ To think bigger and act boldly. We must match the urgency of the moment with our wildest imaginings of what could be, if we put our minds to it. What should be if we put our shoulders into it. What must be, if we put our hearts into it.

Many of our clients are already case studies of the next economy—an economy remade to serve the common good. An economy that moves beyond sustainability to regenerate the ecologies damaged by the industrial era. An economy and body politic that moves beyond the promotion of diversity toward the ascendance of equity.

Emerge Stronger is an opportunity for all of us to share what we’re learning, what we’re trying, what’s working as we make this grand shift to what’s next.

Use the hashtag and tell the world about your ideas to #emergestronger.
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Let’s Be Audacious, Together…. And #emergestronger after COVID-19.