Your own In-house B Corp Workshop

Book your own in-house B Corp workshop

In just 2 days, we will take your organisation through the B Impact Assessment (BIA)

Certified B Corporations™ redefine success in business.

Junxion is a Certified B Corporation, and we’re proud to have two B Corp Ambassadors on staff. Take advantage of our deep knowledge of the B Impact Assessment to help make your business more healthy and sustainable.

  • Completed B Impact Assessment (BIA)
  • Roadmap to B Corp Certification
  • Greater understanding across your organisation of how you can increase its positive social impact
What you get:
  • List of paperwork for you to delegate and gather prior to our 2 days work on your BIA
  • Step-by-step plan of what needs to be done next (this could be as easy as hitting ‘submit’ to ask for certification or, if not already across the certification line, we will suggest the easiest route to getting you across the line)
  • A sit down review with you to go over the work we’ve done, once we’ve completed the BIA
  • Development work or implementation guidelines, using any leftover time from the two days.

Cost: £800

To book your own in-house workshop : Contact Shayla Meyer at [email protected] or call +44 (0)20 3475 2157.


Your Workshop Facilitators

Your facilitators are Adam Garfunkel and Shayla Meyer from Junxion Strategy, a consultancy that is helping Impact Hub King’s Cross and has helped a dozen other companies through the certification process. Both Adam and Shayla are B Leaders, trained by B Lab to help companies get certified.

Adam Garfunkel, Junxion Strategy MD

Adam is co-owner and managing director of Junxion Strategy, a consultancy that helps organisations increase their social impact through strategic planning, branding and reporting and communications services. Adam has 25 years experience working on sustainability issues in for-profit, not-for profit and government organisations. He leads Junxion’s clients to develop and implement sound and sustainable business strategies. He then works with them to communicate about change and impact, inside and outside the organisation. As a trained ‘B Leader,’ Adam uses the B Corp framework to help companies assess their progress and understand what they can do to add more value to their business and society.

Shayla Meyer, Junxion Strategy Consultant

Shayla is a Consultant at Junxion Strategy. She helps Junxion’s clients understand, measure and communicate their social and environmental impacts, developing sustainability programmes that reach beyond mere compliance to affect real change.

A trained B Leader, Shayla has helped twelve organisations navigate the B Corp Certification process. From responsible procurement to compelling impact reporting; from mission-aligned community engagement programmes to board representation;and from carbon emissions to waste management systems, Shayla uses the B Corp Impact Assessment to measure performance across the organisation. She helps Junxion’s clients turn performance gaps into realised opportunities that drive value.

What can B Corp certification do for your business?

  • attract new business
  • attract investment
  • attract talented people
  • engage employees around a purpose-driven business
  • identify and mitigate risks in your supply chain
  • save money through more efficient operations
  • join a rapidly growing network of businesses with whom you can share, learn and work together (big guns like Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia and Ella’s Kitchen are in on it too)