Junxion’s Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility

Junxion’s Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility

Whether you’re making cautious investments in a corporate social responsibility programme for the first time or you’re an early adopter at the cutting edge of social innovation, you’re one of millions of people engaging with complex social and environmental issues.


There are many communities of CSR practitioners around the globe that support leaders as they navigate deeper levels of commitment to responsible business practices.

This guide helps senior-level decision-makers in medium to large companies decide what ‘next steps’ to take in their ongoing journey towards socially responsible corporate citizenship.

Junxion’s international team has pulled together a practical guide to showcase current concepts in responsible business practice. Corporate Social Returns, contains case studies of leading companies, guiding questions to help you self-assess your performance, and concrete actions you can take.

Corporate Social Returns will help you engage and answer essential question in CSR:

  • What CSR issues are “material” for your company and stakeholders?
  • Is your approach to CSR incremental or disruptive? Which approach is the best fit with your strategy, goals, culture, and tolerance for risk?
  • What is “social innovation” and how can you harness its power to improve your company and the communities where you operate?
  • What are the best practices for communicating about your CSR activities, appropriate to your stage of development, for both internal and external stakeholders?

CSR_Guide_Cover_ImageThe journey to transformative CSR isn’t a lonely one; the transformational business shares social and environmental goals with others in its sector. New ideas, insights and shared experiences of what’s working (and what isn’t) are published daily. Immersing yourself in this flow of ideas is an essential first step to identifying new opportunities for change in your company.

Download your copy of the CSR Guide here. By the time you’ve read this guide you’ll know where you stand, where you want to go next, and what you need to do to get there. We look forward to helping you along the way.