Climate Access: Empowering a Community of Practice

We helped Climate Access integrate their membership directory and online resource database, creating a robust and dynamic tool for empowering climate change communicators with the right resources for their specific projects and roles, and the right learning opportunities for their particular skill levels.

Climate Access is the leading professional network of climate communication specialists, providing technical services and piloting innovative climate communications and engagement approaches. The collective expertise represented in their membership list and resource library are of inestimable value to the global effort for climate solutions.

The Business Challenge

Climate Access had records for 3,000+ members, and several thousand case studies, interviews, strategy papers, and other practical tips and tools stored in an aging Drupal site and several large Excel spreadsheets. Without advanced search and organizing capabilities for these disparate stores of data, segmenting and engaging members by location, skill level, role, or topic of interest was performed manually, offline.

How We Helped

Junxion upgraded the Drupal site, including a refreshed design and information architecture, and extended the site functionality to include integrated mailing list and CRM functions. The site now provides a clear path to attract, review, and engage new network members, and a suite of admin tools on the back end to develop the membership through targeted offers of skills training webinars, meet-ups, and other strategic supports.

Measuring Success

Climate Access staff can now spend more time actually engaging with their members, and less time on data entry and manual data manipulation. Turnaround time to receive applications, approve new members, and subscribe them to the members-only mailing list has been reduced by more than half.


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