Client profile: Heroes Project

In a country where a life is worth less than a few hundred rupees and survival is as unpredictable as an earthquake, there is someone trying to make things better for millions of Indians.

Heroes Project, a Mumbai-based non-profit working in several regions of India, is working to improve public health and social well-being in a number of ways. Founded more than a decade ago to help address the rapid growth in the number of people living with HIV, today Heroes Project has grown into a potent organisation that works with foundations, NGOs and enterprises.

At their core, Heroes Project fosters behaviour change for good across a range of health-related areas.  Passionate, innovative and mission-based, Heroes Project combines advocacy and communications with societal leaders, media partnerships and breakthrough campaigns to generate impressive results.

Junxion, over the course of the last year, has worked closely with Heroes Project to rearticulate the organisation’s positioning. That work included developing a new strategic plan, a refreshed identity, a re-designed website and input into an international fundraising campaign.

The team at Heroes Project is energised by the new direction and actively working to achieve some exciting and challenging goals.

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