Case Study: SES Consulting

Junxion’s CEO, Mike Rowlands, first met SES Consulting’s CEO, Scott Sinclair, in 2012 at the annual Social Venture Institute. A relationship based on shared values between two men turned into a valuable relationship between two social impact companies.

SES’s mission is to fight climate change by reducing buildings’ use of energy and water. SES is an engineering firm, but it’s also a social enterprise: equally important to financial success is the firm’s commitment to its ultimate goal—to eliminate 1,000,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Junxion’s purpose is to inspire conscious leadership and nurture trusted organizations. SES is a perfect fit for Junxion’s distinct approach, which integrates stakeholder engagement, agile methodologies, and strengths-based workshops. We step beyond ‘business planning,’ creating opportunities for values to drive leadership, and leadership to drive performance.

Through a four-month engagement, Junxion worked with SES’s leadership team to develop their new strategic plan, which will guide the organization’s growth and development in the years ahead, while simultaneously growing its impact.

Learn more about our work with SES by reading the full case study (PDF 691KB). Learn more about Junxion’s TurningPoint™ planning approach here.

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