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Funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Organic Value Chain Roundtable (OVCRT) is a significant contributor towards capacity building and development of the organic industry in Canada.

The Business Challenge

Canada’s organic market is the fourth largest in the world. The sector has seen rapid growth, representing about 5,000 certified organic farms, handlers and manufacturers. The new Canada Organic brand is gaining traction, and growth of the sector continues with demand far outpacing available Canadian produced supply. 75 per cent of demand is met by imported organic products, many from countries that provide financial support for their organic sector. If Canada is to meet the long-term viability of the sector, the capacity to increase scale is key, and to do so, a significant funding barrier needs to be addressed.

In order to support the work of the Organic Value Chain Roundtable (OVCRT), Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada commissioned Junxion to do a research study on crowdfunding, its applicability to the organic sector, and its potential for helping close the funding gap between existing resources and additional funding needs across the sector.

How We Helped

Junxion Strategy conducted an extensive discovery phase through materials review of the organic sector, a crowdfunding market review, and a review of best practices and exemplar campaigns across various industries.

The majority of the key findings came from online resources and one-on-one interviews with crowdfunding experts, as well as leaders of the organic sector associations and research institutes in Canada.

Based on the key findings, Junxion presented and discussed initial insights with the members of the OVCRT’s Market Development Group and developed the report and companion guide with how to steps to crowdfunding for organic sector organisations and industry.

Measuring Success

The guide clarifies the opportunities and challenges of crowdfunding, and provides solid guidance and recommendations on how to best leverage this funding channel for specific projects that require funding across the organic sector. This effort will add significantly to the development and improvements of their overall funding strategy.

Download full crowdfunding report and companion guide:

AAFC Crowdfunding Report
AAFC Crowdfunding Guide

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