Campaigns for Change: 2014

A year of proud partnerships and impactful projects

2014 was a tumultuous year for the developmental sector. On the one hand, HungarianRussian, and Indian governments narrowed their gaze towards the sector in suspicion and malice. On the other hand, corporate social responsibility got a new boost in the form of government mandates and guidelines. This is especially the case in India where the CSR-related clause in India’s Companies Bill (2012) Act could potentially make available billions in funds that were never available before to the development sector.
At Junxion, we were busy on a range of NGO projects–from first-of-its-kind donor campaigns to social change through music contests. Indeed, 2014 was a buzzy year for Junxion’s campaigns for change. Here’s the low-down…

NGO.Heart.insetHeart of the City (London)

Heart of the City is a 700-strong powerhouse of responsible business leaders, corporate responsibility practitioners and change agents committed to sharing their experiences and their time with others in order to measurably improve our society.
Junxion helped move HOTC on towards becoming a go-to platform for CSR insight by helping clarify their story, strengthening messages and generating content.
Junxion actively partnered with the organisation by chairing and facilitating Newcomers’ workshop sessions. Committed to the partnership and the cause, Junxion provided pro bono advice and support to HOTC members on their CSR strategy development and communications.

NGO.MMM.insetMake Music Matter (Vancouver)

Make Music Matter engages, educates and fosters the youth living in African communities affected by extreme poverty through music and socially conscious art. This year, Junxion again produced Make Music Matter’s annual ‘My Song for Change’ contest.
The contest encourages musical self-expression among Canadian youth, in recognition of music’s uniquely powerful ability to heal, connect, transform, and enrich lives.
Hundreds of entrants participated in the program, and the winner, Matt Blais, worked with Sam Roberts and Grammy Award-winning producer David Bottrill to record his original song, ‘Fire from the Spark.’ The contest generated national attention, increasing young Canadians’ awareness of the charity’s important work in countries deeply scarred by conflict, HIV/AIDS, and violence against women.

NGO.ONE.inset1% for the Planet (Vancouver)

1% for the Planet is a global network of more than 1,500 businesses that have committed to giving 1% of their revenues to environmental causes, raising more than US$110 million since it was founded 11 years ago.
Junxion’s long-standing relationship with 1% for the Planet continued with another successful year in 2014. The Canadian network grew by 28%, and will mobilise more than C$3 million in 2015 giving through member networking events, a sponsorship of the annual Social Venture Institute and Social Change Institute, and a recent event we co-produced with Vancouver’s Board of Change.

NGO.CPAW.insetCPAWS (Vancouver)

The Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society is a protector of Canadian wilderness. They engaged Junxion to develop a strategy to engage British Columbians in the Society’s conservation campaigns in Northern BC.
We helped them focus their efforts. First, we devised a process through which CPAWS would choose from among the dozens of conservation projects to select those that are the most important to focus on. We developed a rubric to assess campaigns’ viability, public support, potential partners’ capacity, and willingness to support CPAWS’s efforts.
Second, we helped them with a positioning and outreach strategy that frames Canada’s North as a powerful cultural symbol for all Canadians. The approach is designed to inform CPAWS’s existing campaigns and messaging. This will also guide a pilot campaign to engage British Columbians in protecting the “True North, Strong and Free.

NGO.IND.insetIndia HIV/AIDS Alliance (Delhi)

India HIV/AIDS Alliance supports community action to prevent the spread of AIDS and build healthier, caring communities.
Junxion began working with Alliance India on a comprehensive strategic planning and TrustBrandTM development process. This included preparing a Insights Presentation that rationalized existing plans and documents and, benchmarking of the health sector.
That led to a strategic planning process to hone their theory of change, and create a strategic framework and key implementation priorities, eventually leading to a TrustBrand Manifesto.
Junxion developed a new brand and graphic identity that aimed to differentiate Alliance India and position it as modern and inclusive. It was top-to-bottom rebrand, ranging from business cards to a highly social website. We continue to work with Alliance India on donor acquisition, social strategy and outreach.

NGO.EAI.insetEnd Aids India (Delhi)

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance invited Junxion to create a first of its kind fundraising campaign in India to raise money for awareness and action on HIV/AIDS. The campaign, called End AIDS India, envisioned an India with zero new HIV infections, zero HIV/AIDS related deaths and zero HIV based discrimination.
Junxion conceptualised, designed and implemented the campaign, positioning ending AIDS as an issue that affects all Indian and aimed at de-stigmatising HIV/AIDS for those living with it.
The campaign exceeded its donor recruitment target, and attracted more than 70,000 social media followers and 20,000 e-mail subscribers.

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