Business Inside Out: 2018

Today’s entrepreneur doesn’t just care about business growth. You’re working to build a company that delivers on a social mission. You put people before profitability. And you know that by supporting both, you’ll build a great team, and find success.

Thanks for joining me at Hollyhock for the inaugural Business Inside Out! It was a wonderful few days together, and I’m grateful for the great relationships we struck, the laughter, and the deep, meaningful conversation.

As promised, I’m sharing across some of the content and materials, along with a list of the books we talked about. Beyond this, feel free to connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn and Goodreads! And you may appreciate Junxion’s weekly newsletter, too. Sign up here. Of course, if  you’d like to chat further about any of the Business Inside Out content, please don’t hesitate to email or give me a call—778 882-8594.

I look forward to chatting again soon!

Session Materials

Book List