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Camilla Todd


Passionate about people and planet. Creative thinker. Ocean advocate. Adventurer.

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Camilla Todd


Cami is a marketing specialist with a passion for purpose driven business, protecting nature and adventuring in the great outdoors. 

Her 15 year marketing career spans martech, retail, travel, consultancy and now helping Junxion to fulfil its mission in supporting the leaders of the next economy.  

As a keen adventurer, Cami started out in the mountain and water sports travel industry where she was responsible for developing and implementing the UK marketing strategy for a large French multinational before moving on to deliver digital marketing campaigns and projects for the likes of The Body Shop and TUI Travel. 

Cami then took on a new challenge to establish, lead and develop the brand and marketing for a Brighton based meaningful travel tour operator with big plans to change the way people travel – putting people and planet centre stage, alongside profit. 

This was the start of Cami’s awakening to mission-lead business–discovering there was a place for values and ethics in business and importantly, in marketing, led Cami on a new path to play and experiment with this wherever and whenever possible.

Alongside her marketing career, Cami has spent the last few years qualifying as an adventure paddle board instructor and establishing a paddle boarding water and wellness business–her ultimate dream is to combine her marketing background with nature facilitation and paddle boarding to bring big thinkers together and host meaningful conversations that inspire positive change, surrounded by nature’s finest watery spaces.

Who knows, maybe one day you’ll find yourself on a Junxion client paddle boarding nature retreat doing just that!

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