Shayla Meyer

Shayla Meyer
Interdisciplinary. Inquisitive. Impact Maker.

Cross-trained with a Bachelor of Arts in Environment, Sustainability and Society, and Sociology, Shayla understands the world through an interdisciplinary perspective. Shayla supports Junxion’s clients as a consultant with broad experience in environmental assessment, stakeholder engagement, the B Corp Impact Assessment and CSR reporting.

Reflecting her diverse worldview, Shayla’s experience spans multiple sectors and industries. Career highlights include the delivery of a first-of-its-kind stakeholder engagement project to scope a publicly accessible contaminated site database; the development of a public consultation protocol to be released by a resource-based association to its 30+ members; the completion of B Corp Impact Assessments and sustainability strategy development for small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada, including a data visualization studio, hydrophone manufacturer and home inspection service, among others; and support for the development of a social capital pool of $3 million to secure local investment in renewable energy.

At Junxion, Shayla supports both our Vancouver and London teams, managing our teams various commitments across clients and projects. She’s also instrumental in our CSR reporting, B Corp Impact Assessments, and marketing services.

Shayla is a keen explorer, whether traversing the London core by bike each day, hiking the mountains of the Lake District or discovering England, one village at a time.

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