Menaka Premkumar

Menaka Premkumar
Supply chain analyst. Curious researcher. Yogi. Dancer

An analytical, creative, collaborative consultant, passionate about optimizing businesses to be more sustainable and purpose-driven.

Prior to a deep dive into business, Menaka gained a strong foundation in product life-cycles and supply chains—from concept to consumer—as an apparel designer at one of India’s largest export houses. It is this design thinking combined with an investigative, research-driven slant and an eternal curiosity to learn that underscores her problem-solving approach.

Career highlights include mapping a detailed business case for a new technology for sports retailer MEC, developing brand positioning and blue ocean strategy for organizations ranging from small social to large commercial enterprises at REX Marketing + Design, gaining a holistic overview of product development, marketing and brand strategy as the entrepreneur of an apparel brand that supported local artisans in Mumbai and Surat, India, and being awarded the Bravo Zulu for exemplary crisis-response customer service during a national emergency while at FedEx.

Menaka complemented a BA Hons. in Psychology and B.Tech. in Apparel Design with an MBA from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia, specializing in Product & Service Management.  As an educator herself, she has redesigned curriculum and taught courses ranging from elements of design, and business fundamentals and fashion marketing at LaSalle College, Vancouver.

A yoga aficionado and a multi-genre trained dancer, on a rainy day, you’ll find with her watercolours at her easel or curled up with a good book, coffee and her cats.

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