An inspiring and dedicated team, on a mission to support visionary leaders around the world.

Our Team

Collaborative. Inspiring. Committed.

Visionary pragmatists. Strategic implementers. Storytelling designers. We are nothing if not a series of paradoxes—because that’s what happens when you build a team across disciplines, across generations and across the globe.

At heart, we’re advisors and strategists. We’ve earned our reputation through nearly two decades of insight and innovation. We work in close collaboration with our clients, aiming at all turns to lift their capacity and accelerate their progress.

When you choose to work with Junxion, you’re engaging directly with our principals—accomplished and internationally experienced leaders, each with expertise in diverse aspects of social responsibility, sustainability and social enterprise.

You also get access to our hand-picked, in-house team, and a vast network of experts around the world—Junxion alumni and subject matter experts—who are equally dedicated to your mission’s success.

But don’t take our word for it. Have a look at their profiles. And let’s talk about working together.

Meet Our Principals

  • Peter ter Weeme

    Peter ter Weeme

    Principal, STRATEGY
    As a respected communications and engagement strategist, sustainability consultant and strategic planner, Peter’s work bridges the world of business, government, and social causes.   Based...
  • Mike Rowlands

    Mike Rowlands

    Principal, STRATEGY
    Mike is an accomplished entrepreneur, consultant, and leader engaged by mission-based organisations around the world to craft distinctive strategies and support visionary entrepreneurs and leaders....
  • Adam Garfunkel

    Adam Garfunkel

    Principal, STRATEGY
    An experienced sustainability consultant and writer, Adam has spent over a quarter of a century helping organisations plan and deliver effective communications to further social...
  • David Kuefler

    David Kuefler

    Principal, CREATIVE / STRATEGY
    Based in Delhi and working globally, David is Junxion’s creative director and leads the in-house design, digital, social media and web development teams. In addition...
  • Nikita Aggarwal

    Nikita Aggarwal

    Creative, Manager
    Nikita is a multi-faceted project manager with extensive experience in marketing, advertising, creative writing and strategic communications. Her management and organisational skills support clients with...
    • Amit Chakraborty

      Amit Chakraborty

      Operations Manager, India
      Amit is a proficient administrator with over 13 years of experience, and is the general manager of administration at Junxion, looking over all aspects of...
    • Subhash Chandra

      Subhash Chandra

      Subhash is a digital marketing and technology expert with over nine years of experience in technology, digital marketing, mobile, e-commerce, BI and business IT solutions....
    • Ranjana Chandra

      Ranjana Chandra

      Ranjana is a creative consultant at Junxion, and brings with her more than 18 years of advertising and design expertise.   An alumnus of the...
    • Abhishek Chaturvedi

      Abhishek Chaturvedi

      Abhishek is a CSR and social development specialist with over 14 years of experience in strategy, communications, and stakeholder engagement. At Junxion, he co-creates strategic CSR programmes...
      • Kiah Desrosiers

        Kiah Desrosiers

        Kiah is a researcher and coordinator at Junxion. She uncovers insights, implements systems, and supports the team on a wide array of projects. Kiah also...
        • Andrea Horth

          Andrea Horth

          Andrea is a web content professional who sets vision and strategy for online communications, working with clients to produce websites that deliver on their business...
          • Hilary Mandel

            Hilary Mandel

            Hilary’s passion is bridging the gap between high-level strategy and nitty-gritty details. Blending her experience in business and non-profit management and media production, Hilary works...
            • Robert Mann

              Robert Mann

              Creative, Manager
              Robert is a communication specialist with diverse experience from both the Private and Third Sectors. A well-round professional who’s strengths are in strategic planning and...
              • Sherry Pomerleau

                Sherry Pomerleau

                Sherry is a creative director whose adept translation of brand strategy into compelling visual communications has earned her an international reputation.   Based in Vancouver,...
                • Chantal Schauch

                  Chantal Schauch

                  Chantal is a social entrepreneur, community leader, and brand strategist with a 10-year background in developing and implementing distinctive business and marketing communications strategies for...
                  • Abhimanyu Shankhdhar

                    Abhimanyu Shankhdhar

                    Abhimanyu is a new media strategist, communication for development intermediary, and newfound beard enthusiast.   As the online media and content lead with Junxion, his...
                    • Rajeshwari Sharma

                      Rajeshwari Sharma

                      Rajeshwari is a creative designer with a passion for perfection and love of all things creative.  She works closely with our digital team to produce spectacular...
                      • Meenu Suneja

                        Meenu Suneja

                        Meenu is a creative consultant with over 13 years of experience across a wide array of creative and technical projects. Inspired by a love for...
                      • Garth Yule

                        Garth Yule

                        Garth is a communications and business strategist focused on understanding how organisations can manage information to serve the public good; he looks for differences that...