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Making the case for legacy donations

Making the case for legacy donations

We thoroughly appreciated Junxion’s professionalism, attention to detail, structured approach and the quality of analysis at various milestones in the project. Needless to say, we’re excited about integrating the new vision into our legacy communications.

Andre Shine, Direct Marketing Officer (Legacies)

Asthma UK provides support and advice to people living with asthma, and funds research into improving treatments and ultimately curing this condition.

The Business Challenge

Legacy donations—gifts left in people’s wills—are an important source of revenue for Asthma UK. It makes up 35% of the charity’s overall voluntary income. But with charitable giving down significantly since the recession, Asthma UK felt it made sense to invest in a proactive legacy marketing programme.

Asthma UK asked Junxion to come up with a new vision statement, key messages and creative approach that the charity would use to raise awareness of and encourage legacy donations.

How we helped

The first thing we did was investigate what motivated people to support Asthma UK. We conducted a series of focus groups and in-depth interviews with supporters, staff and key stakeholders to answer this question, and to canvass opinion about how the charity should best communicate about legacy giving.

The reasons for supporting Asthma UK divided around the charity’s double purpose of supporting current asthma sufferers and funding research into a cure. While supporters typically wanted their money to go towards finding a cure for asthma, staff motivation focused more on support services, such as the Asthma UK helpline.

The vision statement Junxion crafted—“with your help we won’t just treat asthma, we’ll cure asthma”—skillfully referenced both the research and service delivery aspects of Asthma UK, ensuring relevance to all audiences. We also produced a message matrix to communicate the reasons to support Asthma UK to key audiences at different stages of engagement with the charity.

While many people felt intimidated by the language around legacies, we discovered there was greater tolerance for speaking plainly about these issues than expected. These insights fed into the visual identity we produced to underpin the vision statement.

To make the idea of legacy less intimidating, Junxion created a number of stories about ordinary people who have already left a gift. The stories appeal to the basic human instinct to protect family and children, and focus on the benefits and emotional impact of legacy giving. Both images and text emphasise the emotional and human elements—because people give to help people.

Measuring success

The project has served to widen organisational support for legacy marketing. The message matrix has also helped the marketing team—and the wider organisation—have a clear hierarchy of messages to use in a range of circumstances, such as speeches, website copy and fundraising appeals.


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